Editorial Services

A large (and sometimes daunting) part of many text-heavy projects is organizing information into a logical, easy-to-access format. Services I provide to help with this include: editing content for clarity and consistency, organizing content into a logical structure (including menu trees or table of contents), and adding or updating writing where necessary. I can also help plan, manage and print long-form print material.

Experience: Eight years as managing editor of the Canadian Arabian News and ten+ years writing for various publications; see also projects listed below.

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New website design for the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.
New website design for the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.

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The Saskatchewan Association of Architects

The SAA website was designed by Casey Hrynkow of Herrainco Design in Vancouver, BC. However, a large edit and re-organizaiton of the site’s content was needed while Herrainco tackled the design update. Collaborating with the SAA’s Communications team and in-house staff, I helped provide the necessary editing and organizational updates for over 70 pages of content.



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