Worth the Drive: Pizzeria Adria

There’s something about being on the road that makes you crave good food. I’m not meaning ‘gourmet’, ‘cause that gets old after a while. Just honest-to-goodness real food. And when you are just traveling through, but happen to find that little piece of home-cooked foody goodness, to me, it’s the best thing this side of heaven.

Luckily the Pizzeria Adria in Biggar, SK, is close to home and on a road I travel frequently. I have never been in the place when owner Ray wasn’t in the kitchen, wooden pizza paddle in hand. Rumors abound in a small town and Ray’s story is as interesting as any – he came from “out east” nearly ten years ago (New York, or somewhere close enough), landed in Biggar, and opened a pizzeria. And, believing that people should be involved in their communities, he ran for mayor, a position that he still serves in today.

After a weekend spent with family at my parents’ place, we stopped in for supper on Sunday evening. Adam ordered a gingerale and 12″ Spicy Meat Lovers pizza. I order a salad and 6″ Spinach and Feta pizza. They were both wonderful – I don’t think you could really go wrong with any of the pizzas on the menu. I will definitely be having the Spinach and Feta again. He uses some kind of lovely, soft feta that’s chunked in among the mozzerella and it all melts together in a really wonderful  way. And the crust… oh, pizza crust of my dreams… soft, chewy, fresh and sizzling from the oven…

So, if you find yourself with a beautiful Sunday night, time for a drive, and a craving for a great, authentic pizza, head west on Hwy 14 to Biggar. You won’t regret it. Dude makes his own fresh pizza sauce.

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