EPEC®-Pediatrics Health Study Infographic

EPEC Health Infographic Design and Illustration
EPEC®-Pediatrics Health Study Infographic

This infographic was designed for a health study and pilot program run by Dr. Kimberley Widger of the University of Toronto and Dr. Adam Rapoport of Sick Kids Hospital. The study, Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Pediatrics (EPEC®-Pediatrics), found better ways to train pediatric oncology staff in palliative care. Obviously this being a very sensitive topic (one no parent hopes they ever have to deal with), I tried to strike a balance between the serious nature of the topic and a set of gentle illustrations reminiscent of children’s books.

The information was grouped in three distinct ways: an introduction and overview, on the left, a timeline which follows the north side of the river, grouped quotes from both families and practitioners along the south side of the river, and the project’s goals and results in the right-hand panel. The piece was designed to be printed as three 8.5″ x 11″ panels in a brochure with a Z-fold, to fit in a letter-sized envelope. The client was very happy with the piece.

Composting Infographic for SWRC

SWRC Compost Infographic
SWRC Compost Infographic

In 2016, Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council finished a study of 26 local composting systems. As their 2016 Annual Report states, “The Dishing the Dirt project experimented with a variety of composting options to identify which methods work best for different kinds of households and green-minded businesses. The end goal was to create simple recommendations to help people pick a compost method that works well for their situation.”

Taking the results of the report and input from SWRC’s staff, I designed a comprehensive infographic for SWRC – it had to attract viewers, and distill the report’s results into a format that helped consumers make a decision as to which composting method was right for them. It also had to be designed with a budget in mind, so I used stock vector illustrations for part of the infographic (people and miscellaneous small items) and created custom vector illustrations for other parts (houses and composting examples).

The infographic was produced in two formats: a long printed piece for tradeshow and in-person use (above), and a mobile format with individual panels for use on the City of Saskatoon’s website (below).

SWRC Annual Report 2015

SWRC Annual Report 2015
SWRC Annual Report 2015

The 2015 Annual Report design for the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council featured a wayfinding theme. To keep within budget for this non-profit’s annual report, we used a set of pre-made stock vector icons and applied them to the design in a unique and interesting way.

See the full Annual Report on the SWRC website.

New website for the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry

New website design for the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.
New website design for the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.

As part of their continued design update (which started with a logo re-design), the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry recently went live with their new website, www.cahr.ca.

Based on WordPress, the site offers visitors many functional improvements. The old site, built in 2007, had become bloated, with relevant information spread out across many pages. The new site streamlines information and instructions based on the two most commonly-used areas: Registration Services and Breeder Services. It also features a responsive design that can be viewed on tablets and mobile phones.

By helping visitors find forms, instructions and information more easily, the site will help reduce the workload of the CAHR’s small, three-person office. The home page re-design also focuses on promoting the Arabian horse through the CAHR’s official magazine, the Canadian Arabian Horse News.

We’re looking forward to tackling the third stage of the project, a re-design of the forms.


Mash Millwright Field Service Report

My brother is a millwright in central Alberta. He’d been using a standard Field Report form, at left, but had a few problems with it. Some fields were redundant or not used much; others were used all the time but did not have enough space. He particularly wanted the job description area to be the full width of the page as he often ran out of room when writing up his description of the work that was done.

Upon looking at some of his old reports, I noted that most of his job descriptions were done in point form. This mean short line lengths, which are also easier to read. Instead of expanding the job description area the full width of the page, I rotated the report page 90º and made the column longer. This meant the other boxes could be reduced in width and stacked on top of each other. His clients could see a rundown of the parts, time and material used in one column on the left, with mileage tracking along the bottom.

The redesign was put to use and he’s been very happy with it.

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report 2012

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s 2012 Annual Report featured their vision statement on the cover: Think More… Waste Less. For the print version, the globe was split vertically with half the message on the front cover and half on the back cover.

SWRC AR2012 web versionFor the annual report’s downloadable PDF, we created one seamless image so the entire statement could be read at once.

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual ReportBecause of the globe, this year’s annual report featured a ‘travels and directions’ theme. A map, binoculars and compass are symbolically placed on the Mission, Vision, and Core Values page (above) and a map of Saskatchewan was used behind the list of SWRC members (below).

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual ReportThe annual activities article, titled ‘Milestones,’ uses a combination of signage and a travel scrapbook theme.

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual ReportA subtle transit map motif was used for the Sources of Revenue graph.

The SWRC’s annual reports can be viewed as downloadable PDFs at their website, www.saskwastereduction.com.

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report 2011

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s 2011 Annual Report celebrates 20 years of waste reduction in Saskatchewan. For the cover, we featured the members’ list (over 140 businesses and municipalities) in celebration of their collective accomplishments. The ‘squares’ motif on the front shows an image of a landfill gradually giving way to a natural prairie landscape.

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report

The squares motif was carried as a visual theme throughout the book. Interesting facts about waste reduction in Saskatchewan were highlighted on each spread with a small colored square.

Sask Waste Reduction Council Annual Report

The size and paper stock were chosen to reflect SWRC’s values. The booklet is printed on 8.5″ x 14″ paper folded in half to minimize paper waste, and the paper stock is 100% recycled post-consumer waste.

A copy of the full Annual Report can be viewed as downloadable PDF at the SWRC’s website, www.saskwastereduction.com.

A Day at the Synchrotron

This past summer I was sent out on assignment to the Canadian Light Source synchrotron at Innovation Place bordering the U of S campus. In addition to taking some portrait shots of Trinita Barboza, a vet-med student working at the synchrotron on a summer research project, I was given the chance to tour the facility and set up some interior panoramic shots. It Was Very Cool. (You can quote me on that.)

The photos were used with the article “Saskatoon shines light on prostate cancer” by Robin Thrasher, published October 2012 in the Star Phoenix and on the WCVM Today website. The article detailed some of the work that Barboza participated in during her stay at the synchrotron.

It was a neat opportunity to see ‘Science at Work’ – anyone who gets a chance to tour the facility should take full advantage.

More photography at portraitsofsaskatoon.com.

Mash Millwright Business Cards

Mash Millwright Business Cards

Business card and logo I designed for my little bro who lives in Red Deer, Alberta. The business cards were printed by Jukeboxprint.com in Vancouver and feature a spot varnish on the dark grey areas. I love Jukebox’s spot varnish and other special option business cards – they’re classy enough to stand out, and not super expensive!

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